The Kindblade Family History from Kaphult(Kåphult) in Knared(Knäred) parish. The family root is the soldier Sven Svensson Kindblade in Kaphult(Kåphult) born about 1780.

By Peter Liliequist.

The Kindblade family has nearly the same origin as The Chilberg Family.

By Swain Charles Kindblade - Dated 22 June 1894, at Yates Center, Kansas, USA.

About the year 1780 in the little hamlet of Kaphult(Kåphult), Halland County, Sweden, was born to Sven Svensson and wife, a son. Under the customs then prevailing, this child grew up under the name Svensson, but, on reaching military age he was, for reasons unknown, given by his King, the name of KINDBLADE. He being the first person to bear that name, and leaving a number of children who in their turn left a numerous posterity which is still increasing, and believing that it would be a pleasure to them to know the names and whereabouts of as many of his descendants as could be found, this task has been undertaken by one of them. Of our common progenitor but little is known, more than that he married Elsa Killberg in 1809, of which union was born five sons and three daughters, that he lived and died in the village where he was born, his death occuring in 1836. His widow remarried and lived to extreme old age, dying in 1866 on the estates which had been her home for the full portion of her life.(1)(21)(29)

I.1) SVEN SVENSSON KINDBLAD in Kåphult, Knäreds Parish, Hallands County, Sweden. - Married 1810 to ELSA KILLBERG, born 17th of december 1792 in Hishult, Hishults parish, Hallands County, Sweden. After her husbands death in 1836 she remarried in 1844 with JÖNS LARSSON in Lagared.(1)


II.a) CARL CHRISTIAN KINDBLADE, born 1813 in Sweden. Died 1851 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. The first born of these eight children was a son who was born in 1813 and who was named Carl Christian, married to CHRISTINA MUNSON(born 1811 in Sweden) in 1835 by whom he became the father of seven children and named: Christina, Swen Carl, John Frederic, Gustavus Adolphus, Isaac, Samuel Harry and Charles Christian, Jr.(1)(5)(6)


III.1) CHRISTINA KINDBLADE, born 1836 in Sweden. Died as an infant.(1)

III.2) S W A I N CHARLES(SWEN CARL)KINDBLADE, born 5 October 1838 in Sweden, died 1918 in Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas. The second, a son, and named Sven Carl, americanized his name to Swain Charles. He was born in Farhultsbyget, Sweden, October 5, 1838 and came with his parents to America in 1847. He went to school one year in New York City, moving with the family to Glastonbury, Connecticut. Here, owing to the illness of his father, he was bound out for five years to Reuben Stevens where he remained until the death of his father. Then in what was then a wilderness, with his widowed mother and four younger children, began his struggle for subsistance for self and mother and family. By dint of hard toil by every member of his family according to capacity, he grew up to early manhood with the satisfaction of seeing them all provided with at least the necessities of life. In 1856 he visited his uncles, Benedic and F. G. Kindblade and aunt Lena in Geneva, Illinois and worked in that neighborhood as a farm hand for about a year, returning to Iowa. Hhe then went to Knox County, Missouri where he worked at various employments until 1861 when he returned to Iowa and in December of that year enlisted in Company G., Fourth Iowa Volunteer Infantry and was mustered into the army at Davenport, Iowa March 1, 1862. Before he joined his regiment he was detailed to clerk in General Halleck´s office in St. Louis, Mo. where he remained about two months, finally reaching his regiment at Batesville, Arkansas in the summer of 1862. Following the vicisitudes of the regiment, he was in the engagements of Chickasaw Bbayou and Arkansas Post and was while laying at Young´s Point, sent to St. Louis on the hospital boat "City Of Memphis" in February 1863. Returning to his regiment in June he was present at the siege and fall of Vicksburg, second battle of the Jackson, Mississippi and Brandon, Mississippi. Tthe regiment going with General Sherman east. He was in the battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, after which he reenlisted, and with the regiment, went home on Veteran furlough. While at home he was detained by a severe attack of pleuro pneumonia and did not rejoin the regiment until it was on the Atlanta Campaign. He was on hand at all the battles of that memorable campaign, except the battle of Resecca Georgia. After the fall of Atlanta he was appointed Seargent Major of the regiment in which capacity he acted on that grand march of Sherman´s to the Sea, and was present at the capture of Savannah, Georgia. From there the march led to Goldsboro, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina, hence to Bentonville, North Carolina where was fought the last battle of the war by his regiment in which he took a part. From there he marched to Washington, D. C. and took his position with the regiment in the Grand Review. Next we find him at Louisville, Kentucky where he and his comrads were discharged August 25, 1865, having served his adopted country nearly four years and having been engaged in 20 important battles, besides numerous skirmishes, having been wounded twice and marched a distance of 12,000 miles, traversing every state in the southern Confederacy except Texas and Florida. After the war he bought land in Ringgold County, Iowa, but before doing anything at farming he took a trip to the Rocky Mountains, returning in 1866 when on August 8, 1867 he married R A C H E L ANN HOPKINS(born 8 August 1845 in Iowa, died 1927 in Kansas), in Ringgold County, Iowa. To this union have been born five children: Charles Hopkins, Oscar Rawlings, Mary Alice, Harriet Christina and Walter Swain. After his marriage, he settled on his land and began farming on his own account. In 1872 he sold out and moved to McPherson County, Kansas where he took a Government Homestead. Here he made himself a fine home near the city of McPherson. In 1881 he sold out and moved to Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas where he engaged in the Carpenter trade which he had learned while still a boy. After a few years his health failed and he was forced to quit hard work and in 1889 he traded for a home in Iola, Allen County, Kansas where he remained until 1891 when he traded for a home in Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas where he now lives on what little earnings and the pension he draws from the Government.(1)(13)(14)(25)(28)


IV.a) CHARLES HOPKINS KINDBLADE, born 1868 in Iowa, died 1923 in Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas.(1)(28)

IV.b) OSCAR RAWLINGS KINDBLADE, born 1870 in Iowa.(1)

IV.c) MARY ALICE KINDBLADE, born 1872 in Iowa.(1)

IV.d) HARRIET CHRISTINA KINDBLADE, born 1874 in Kansas.(1)

IV.e) WALTER SWAIN KINDBLADE. His wife is in source (29). Check it out!(1)(28)(29)

III.3) J O H N FREDERIC KINDBLADE, born 13 February 1840 in Sweden, died 28 November 1908. The third child, a son, named John Frederick was born February 13, 1840 in Farhultsbyget, Halland County, Sweden, came with his parents to America in 1847. He went to school in New York City about a year, when they moved to Glastonbury, Connecticut. Here, he like his elder brother, bound out to a man named Elezer Slew, with whom he lived until the death of his father, and the removal of his Mother to Wappelo County, Iowa in 1852. Here, at the age of 12 years he, with his Mother and Brother, endured the hardships incidental to a life of poverty in the far west. But, with the blessing of good health and an indomitable perseverance, he had the gratification of seeing his mother and younger brother placed beyond absolute want. In 1856 he went with his elder brother to visit his uncles and aunt at Geneva, Illinois where he remained until the next summer, when he had the misfortune to be struck by lightening which disabled him from work. He then went back to Iowa. In 1858 he, with his brother, went to Missouri where he worked on a farm until the next spring when he went to Pikes Peak in search of gold. Meeting with indifferent success, he came back to Iowa and in December of the year 1861, enlisted in the Army for the preservation of the Union. He joined the same time his brothers did and in the same company and regiment, Co. G, Fourth Iowa Infantry. He was in all the engagements of the regiment in the Vicksburg Campaign, including Fort Gibson, Jackson, Champion Hills, Black River Bridge, and the seige of Vicksburg, when, owing to failure of health, he was, in 1863, discharged on account of disability for which he now draws a pension. Going back to Iowa, he was on the 25th day of December 1863, married to CINDERELLA MILNETTA SOLES(born 4 November 1843 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, died 6 October 1931 in McPherson, Kansas, lived 1928 in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma), in Ringgold County, Iowa. Of this union were born two sons and four daughters: Ethel Christina, Harry, Eva Luella, Frederick Elmer, Clara Elizabeth and Stella Belle. About the time of his marriage, he bought land in Ringgold County, Iowa and engaged in farming. In 1873 he moved to McPherson, McPherson County, Kansas where he soon got possesions of 320 acres of land on which he made himself a comfortable home, and where he still lives in the enjoyment of the results of a life of hard labor and judicious saving. His P. O. address is McPherson, Kansas. Both are buried in McPherson Cemetary, McPherson, McPherson County, Kansas.(1)(12)(25)(28)(29)(30)


IV.a) ETHEL CHRISTINA KINDBLADE, born 2 March 1865 in Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, died 18 August 1963 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma. Lived 1928 in Carnegie, Oklahoma. - Married 25 December 1886 to EDWIN CARPENTER HORTON, born 5 September 1859, died 14 June 1950 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma.(1)(28)(29)(30)(31)(32)

IV.b) HARRY KINDBLADE, born 23 February 1868 in Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, died 1958 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. - Married to AMELIA E. KINDBLADE, born 1881, died 1962 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.(1)(24)(28)


V.1) JOHN H. KINDBLADE, born 1 May 1904, died 7 February 1995 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma. - Married 31 December 1929 to MALINDA B. BASE, born 19 November 1907, died 20 April 1995, daughter of Joseph Peter Base and Susanna Base.(28)


VI.a) HARRY JOE KINDBLADE, born 7 March 1931 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma, died 2 January 2005 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma. - Married 1:o 13 January 1957 to CAROLYN JOYCE WILLIS. - Married 2:o 23 November 1998 to LINDA STREED BUNN.(28)

Children 1st marriage:

VII.1) JO LYNN KINDBLADE, born 28 February 1958. - Married to N.N. MCKELVEY, living in Rockwall, Texas.(28)

VII.2) STANLEY JOE KINDBLADE, born 20 October 1959.(28)

VII.3) MARY LUANNN KINDBLADE, born 10 November 1961. Living in Anadarko. Have two daughters, 1) Katelyn Ashton, 2) Nikita Jefferson.(28)

V.2) JAMES D. KINDBLADE, born 19 October 1918, living in Lawton. - Married 22 June 1939 to WANETA E. HEWES, born 12 August 1918, died 8 December 1992.(28)

IV.c) EVA LUELLA KINDBLADE, born 3 September 1870 in Ringgold County, Iowa, died 17 October 1884 in McPherson, McPherson County, Kansas.(1)(28)

IV.d) FREDERICK ELMER KINDBLADE, born 20 July 1871 in Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, died 15 December 1928 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. - Married to N.N.(1)(28)(29)





IV.e) CLARA ELISABETH KINDBLADE, born 28 January 1873 in Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa. Lived 1928 in Houston, Texas. - Married to N.N. CARLTON.(1)(29)

IV.f) STELLA BELLE KINDBLADE, born 27 April 1875 in McPherson, McPherson County, Kansas, died 13 August 1889 in McPherson, Kansas of Typhoid.(1)(19)(28)

III.4) G U S T A V U S ADOLPHUS KINDBLADE, born 19 November 1841 in Halland, Sweden, died 21 February 1921 in McPherson, Kansas. Gustavus family took the long boat ride over to the Promised Land and arrived in New York where they settled in 1846. How large was their family? We know of at least three boys, mother and father. Surely they were not the only ones to leave Sweden at that time. They probably travelled with friends or other relatives. A year after their arrival, little brother Samuel Kindblade is born in New York. The father, who is working as a tailor, moves the family to Gastonburg in Connecticut in 1847. Here the youngest son Charles is born. The father lives and works there until his death in 1852 at which point the mother decides to move west to Wapello County in Iowa. She has her five boys ages 13, 12, 8, 3 and 1 years old with her. Seven years later the boys move again, this time to their final destination - Ringgold County. Was their mother with them, or had she passed away? No grave records are found for her in Ringgold County. Did Gustavus attend American school, did he speak English well when he met Elisabeth? 21 March 1867 he married ELISABETH HAGANS(born 1848 in Illinois; died 10 October 1927 in McPherson, Kansas; She was the daughter of James Conrad Hagans, born 8 October 1809 in Kentucky, & Tabitha Bandfield, born 1826 in Tennessee.), in Ringgold County, Iowa. Elisabeth and Gustavus had four children, three boys and one girl. Poor Elisabeth and Gustavus had to bury three of their four children. Everyone knows that that is the hardest test to be put through! They must have sat together with her brother Bird and his wife Jane many evenings to console each other as the same fate had struck their young families. This explains why a lot of couples decided to have large families back in those times. Through hardship and then incurable illnesses many families never saw their children turn into healthy adults. Gustavus fought alongside his friends and brothers-in-law in the civil war with G Company, 4th Iowa Infantry Volunteers. In 1870 they are living next door to Elisabeth´s stepmother, Tabitha Hagans. Gustave´s age is listed as 26 - his profession that of a farmer. Living in the household are Elisabeth, age 22, and their baby boy George B., age 1.(1)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(25)(26)(28)


IV.a) GEORGE BANDFIELD KINDBLADE, born 7 April 1869 in Near Mt. Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, died 1 November, 1934 in Leon, Iowa. George Bandfield´s middle name stood for Elisabeth´s mother´s maiden name. He was the only one of their four children who lived past the age of 21. An obituary found in the Mount Ayr Record News reveals that he grew up in Ringgold County where he obtained his early education, going later to Creston where he attended business college and prepared for the teaching profession. He served as teacher for the public schools in his home county for twelve years. On November 23, 1894, he was married to Miss ELLA FRANCES SACKETT(born 15 February 1875 in Henry County, Iowa, died 16 Dec 1951 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, daughter of Alfred M. Sackett(1847-1904) and Louisa F. Dear(1850-1923); According to the census of Iowa, Ringgold county 1900 her father was born in Illinois, her mother in Ohio.), in Ringgold County, Iowa. One daughter, Alma, was born to this union who later married a man named Robert Hunt. In 1903 George entered the US Postal Service and continued this work for almost thirty years. Hhe recieved different runs to include St. Joseph, Chariton, Des Moines and Cainsville. He died November 1, 1934 and is buried i8n the Rose Hill Cemetery in Mt. Ayr.(1)(16)(17)(18)


V.1) ALMA STACEY KINDBLADE, born 3 March 1899 in Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, died February 1984. Married 7 October 1925 to ROBERT P. HUNT.(1)(17)(18)(27)

IV.b) LEROY JASPER KINDBLADE, born 18 December 1870 in Ringgold County, Iowa, died 22 April 1871 in Ringgold County, Iowa. Burial: Oakdale Cemetery - Ringgold County, Iowa. Leroy Jasper had his mother Elisabeth´s oldest brothers name for a middle name. He was an early Christmas gift for Christmas of 1870. Unfortunately the good Lord tool him back by the following Easter. He died April 22, 1871 in Ringgold County, Iowa.(1)(15)(23)(28)

IV.c) ABBIE TABITHA KINDBLADE, born 3 March 1872, 27 December 1893. She got married 3 March, 1892 to CHARLES E. FARMER. Abbie was named for her Grandmother Tabitha and lived to be only 21 years old. She was married on her 20th birthday to Charles E. Farmer. What did she die of? Was it possibly during the birth of her first child? She died on December 27, 1893. In the obituary for her brother George, a nephew Elmer Farrier(Farmer?) of Chambers, Nebraska is mentioned. Was that her child?.(1)

IV.d) WILLIAM HENRY KINDBLADE, born 7 September 1874 in Ringgold County, Iowa, died 2 February 1875 in Ringgold County, Iowa. Burial: Oakdale Cemetery - Ringgold County, Iowa. William Henry Kindblade, the last born of the Kindblade children was born on September 7, 1874 in Ringgold County, Iowa. He never even saw his first birthday for he died on February 2, 1875.(1)(15)(22)

III.5) ISAAC KINDBLADE, born ABT. 1844 in Sweden.(1)

III.6) S A M U E L HENRY KINDBLADE, born 19 October 1847 in New York City, New York. The sixth child, a son and named Samuel Henry, was born in the city of New York, October 19, 1847, and was taken to Glastonbury, Connecticut with the family in 1848 and thence to Iowa in 1852. Here he grew to manhood and in 18 June 1874 married SUSAN A. WALTERS(born 1852 in Ohio) in Ringgold County, Iowa, by whom he had four sons and two daughters: Emma, Oscar, Frank, Pearl, Frederick, and a son who died in infancy. After his marriage and after the death of his Mother, he moved in 1885 to Toronto, Kansas where he still lives and carries on his trade of carpentering. In the 1870 Census of Ringgold County his profession is School Teacher.(1)(2)(3)(4)


IV.a) EMMA KINDBLADE, born 1876 in Iowa.(1)(2)

IV.b) OSCAR KINDBLADE, born 1878 in Iowa.(1)(2)

IV.c) FRANK KINDBLADE, born 1879 in Iowa.(1)(2)

IV.d) PEARL KINDBLADE, born after 1880.(1)(2)

IV.e) FREDERICK KINDBLADE, born after 1880.(1)(2)

IV.f) Son KINDBLADE.(1)(2)

III.7) C H A R L E S CHRISTIAN KINDBLADE, Jr., born August 1851 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Him and his brother Samuel live in the household of Christina Barber(their mother) during the cencus taking of 1870 in Ringgold County, Iowa. The seventh child, a son, and named Charles Christian, was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut, August 1851. He lived at home with his Mother until he attained his majority when he went to Kansas and took, and improved, a government claim of 160 acres of land. In 1880 he sold it and went back to Iowa where he now lives with his brother(Gustavus A.) and he is still unmarried and his post office address is Poyneer, Iowa.(1)(2)

II.b) JOHN KINDBLADE, born 1814 in Sweden. The second, a son, and named John, was born in 1814. He emigrated to America in 1846 and was last heard of in that year, in St. Louis, Mo.(1)

II.c) SWEN KINDBLADE, born 1815 in Sweden. The third, a son, and named Swen, was born in 1815, was married and lived on the home estates, raising a family of several children, was employed in the civil service of his King, and while thus employed met his death by drowning in the year 1868.(1)

II.d) ANNA CHRISTINA KINDBLADE, born 1816 in Sweden. The fourth, a daughter, and named Anna Christina, was born in 1816. Married a MR. WILSON, and still lives in Sweden.(1)

II.e) LOUISA KINDBLADE, born 1818 in Sweden. The fifth, a daughter, was named Louisa, was born in 1818 and died in 1835.(1)

II.f) BENNETT (BENEDIC) KINDBLADE, born 2/5 1820 in Sweden. The sixth, a son, and named Benedic, was born May 2, 1820, and married CHARLOTTE (CHARLOTTA) HOLMBERG(born 21 May 1815 in Sweden, died 17 January 1894 in Batavia, Kane County, Illinois.)in the city of Sonn, Sweden, in the year 1846. To this union was born one child, a son who was named John. Benedic emigrated to America in 1853, settling in St. Charles, Kane County, Illinois. He moved to Geneva, same county, awhere he still lives. His wife died in the latter city January 17, 1894.(1)(28)(40)


III.1) JOHN KINDBLADE, born ABT. 1848 in Sweden.(1)

II.g) CAROLINA KINDBLADE. The seventh, a daughter named Carolina, was born May 22, 1828 and was married September 1849 to PETER PAULSON and emigrated to America in 1852, settling in St. Charles, Kane County, Illinois, but soon moved to Batavia where she lived until the spring of 1857 when she moved to Minnesota. Her husband died in the fall, leaving her with three children, Peter, Helen Louisa, and Emily. In 1858 she married a second husband, JORAM JOHNSON by whom she had two children, Johanna Maria and Nathaniel. On August 3, 1862, her house and property were destroyed by Sioux Indians while her husband was engaged in fighting the Indians, and she had to flee for her life to St. Peter, Minnesota. In the campaign of New Ulm, her husband contracted an illness which after the duration of eight months, resulted in his death, April 1863. In August, 1864 she married a third husband, ERIC JOHNSON, by whom she had six children and named: August, Mary, Ellen Cornelia, Anna Christina, Selma, Sophia and Carl Gustaf. She was still living at the age of 66 in Sibley County, Minnesota, Norseland Post Office.(1)(20)

II.h) FRANZ GUSTAV KINDBLADE. The eighth child, a son, and named Franz Gustavus, was born May 13, 1833, moved to America in 1855, landing in Boston where he was engaged for awhile at his trade of Machinist, but soon went to Geneva, Illinois where, on April 2, 1859, he married HARRIET MUZZY by whom he had six children: Isabella Elizabeth, Albert Gilman, William Henry, Cora Edna, Francis Arthur and Milnetta Mattie.(1)









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Source (7) = 1880 State Census, Iowa, Ringhold County, Lotts Creek TWP: KINDBLDE, G. A. 38 Farmer Sweden Sweden Sweden Elisabeth 32 Keeping House Illinois KY TN George 11 IA Abbie 8 IA
Source (8) = The family´s residences after the Civil War were: 1. Mount Ayr, Iowa until 1893. 2. Chambers, Nebraska, left 1893 until 1897. 3. Strong City, Kansas 1897 until 1904: KINDBLADE, Gustav A - born Nov 1841 - 58 years - married 33 years - born in Sweden, both parents born in Sweden as well. Gustav immigrated with his parents and brothers in 1847 and had been naturalized 53 years ago. No profession is listed. Living with are KINDBLADE, Elisabeth - born Dec 1847 - 52 years. She had given birth to 4 children, only one child(George) was still alive. She had been born in Illinois, her father in KY and her mother in Y+TN. They also had a border, a married man by the name of James Jennings(55) living with them. 4. McPherson, Kansas 1904 until Feb 21, 1921. Gustavus died in Feb 1921, Elisabeth lived until October 4, 1927 when she died in McPherson, Kansas as well.
Source (9) = Notes from his brother Swain C. Kindblade: The fourth child, a son, was named Gustavus Adolphus and was born November 19, 1841 in Farhultsbyget, Sweden and came with his parents to America in 1847. He, like his two elder brothers, went to school about a year in New York City. Upon removal of the family to Glastonbury, Connecticut, he was placed to live away from home with a man named Andrew Hale. Here he lived until the death of his father and the removal of the bereaved family to Wappelo County, Iowa in 1852. Here he was again compelled to live away from his mother and among strangers that those at home might ne the more able to provide for the rest. On the remarriage of his Mother in 1855, he came home to live. In 1859 he moved with the family to Ringgold County, Iowa and in June 1861, enlisted in Cco. G, Fourth Iowa Infantry and went to the front. He was in all engagements of the war in which his regiment took a part - from Pea Ridge, Arkansas to Bentonville, North Carolina, embracing among others, the battles of Chickasaw Bayou, where he was severely wounded, and for which he now draws a pension, Arkansaw Post, Fort Gibson, Grand Gulf, Jackson, Champion Hills, Black River Bridge, Seige of Vvicksburg, Jackson the second time, Brandon, Tuscumbia, Cherokee Station, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Reseca, Dalton, Dallas, New Hope Church, Ezra Chapel, Peach Tree Creek, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Columbia and Maury Skirmishes. He marched to the sea with Sherman, took part in the Grand Review at Washington, and was finally discharged at Louisville, Kentucky, August 25, 1865, having served upwards of four years, and marched more than 12,000 miles, traversing every Southern State, except Texas and Florida. Coming back to Iowa, he took a trip with his elder brother to the Rocky Mountains and returned in the fall of 1866 and then married ELIZABETH HAGENS, March 21, 1867. Three sons and one daughter have been born to him: George Banfield, Leroy Jasper, Abbie Tabitha and William Henry. After opening a farm and making a good home, he rented it out and 1872 moved to Kansas and took a Government Claim. This he soon sold and moved back to his farm in Ringgold County, Iowa, where he now lives. The post office address is Poyneer, Iowa.
Source (10) = Correspondence between Benjamin Thompson and his mother dated July 1866: ".....Gus Kindblade and Matingly has got in a row with Green and Bonam and Wes Patch and Phip Brown. They had Wes and Bonam arrested Saturday and would have Green but he wasn´t home. They will get him today. Green, Bonam, Wes and Phip Brown waylaid Gus and Matingly along the road from town and had a fuss about some takl - I don´t know what. The trial will come off today. They have supenas for Jess, Hat Wiley and Mrs. Matingly and I guess they will have two of Mats cousins that are staying at Jesse´s and heard them fussing. And Green told them they waited a good while along the road for Gus and Matingly. I guess they will have to pay a fine anyway....."
Source (11) = Ringgold County, Iowa Marriage Records 1855-1900. Marriage Book No. 1 A, Page 15.
Source (12) = Ringgold County, Iowa Marriage Records 1855-1900. Marriage Book No. 1 B, Page 10.
Source (13) = Ringgold County, Iowa Marriage Records 1855-1900. Marriage Book No. 1 A, Page 17.
Source (14) = 1880 State Census - Kansas, McPherson county, McPherson TWP: KINDBLADE, Swain 42 Farmer Sweden Sweden Sweden Rachel 38 keeps house Iowa KY KY C. H 11 Iowa O. R. 9 IIowa. M. A. 7 Iowa. H. C. 5 Kansas.
Source (15) = Gravestone Records, Oakdale Cemetery, Ringgold County, Iowa. Page: B-7.
Source (16) = 1910 Iowa State Census, Ringgold County, Mount Ayr TWP: KINDBLADE, George head 41 IA Ella wife 35 IA Alma daughter 11 IA They had been married for 16 years and Ella had given birth to 1 child.
Source (17) = Ringgold County, Iowa Marriage Records 1855-1900, Marriage Book MNo. c, Page 194.
Source (18) = 1900 State Census - Ringgold County, Lotts Creek TWP, Iowa.
Source (19) = Research by Mary Akin.
Source (20) = Posted by Mary Akin at Genforum, 25 January 2004: Looking for descendants of Peter Paulson, birthdate unknown, probably l820-25; married Carolina Kindblade, b. l828 in Sweden. Lived in the upper midwest. Their children were: (l) Peter Paulson, birthdate and place unknown. Is said to have changed his last name to Sylvester & to have resided in Lusk, Wyoming; (2) Helen Louisa, b. l852 in St. Charles, Ill, m. John Quist; (3) Emily, b. l854, Batavia, IL., m. John Sandburg in l876. Carolina Kindblade was a sister to my ancestor, Carl Christian Kindblade, b. 1813 in Sweden. Information gladly exchanged.
Source (21) = A Relative: Beverly (Beve) Kindblade Category: Nutritionists 1904 3rd Ave Ste 935 (between Stewart St & Virginia St) Seattle, WA 98101 Neighborhood: Downtown (206) 920-7676 on 2012.
Source (22) = Gravestone of WILLIAM HENRY KINDBLADE Oakdale (a.k.a. Watterson) Cemetery Ringgold County, Iowa Uploaded 1/20/2010 by srbecker [Email] William Henry KINDBLADE son of Gustavus Adolphus & Elisabeth (HAGANS) KINDBLADE grandson of James Conrad & Tabitha (BANDFIELD) HAGANS b. 07 Sep 1874, Ringgold Co. IA d. 02 Feb 1875, aged 4m 26 days Plot B-7.
Source (23) = Gravestone of LEROY JASPER KINDBLADE Oakdale (a.k.a. Watterson) Cemetery Ringgold County, Iowa Uploaded 1/20/2010 by srbecker [Email] Leroy Jasper KINDBLADE son of Gustavus Adolphus & Elisabeth (HAGANS) KINDBLADE grandson of James Conrad & Tabitha (BANDFIELD) HAGANS b. 18 Dec 1870, Ringgold Co. IA d. 22 Apr 1871, aged 4m 4 days Plot B-7
Source (24) = The grandson of Harry Kindblade is Harry Joe Kindblade. Caddo County Archives:
Source (25) = KINDBLADE, SWAIN C. IA 4th Inf Co G. Residence: Ringgold County, Iowa. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 25. Enlisted 1 Mar 1862. Mustered the same day. Private. Wounded slightly on 29 Dec 1862 at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Re-enlisted and re-mustered 25 Jan 1864. Promoted to Corporal 1 Jul 1865. Mustered out 24 Jul 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. Sources: (ISW-I cd p78). KINDBLADE, John J. IA 4th Inf Co G. Civil War: Enlisted 6 Mar 1862. Mustered the same day. Private. Discharged 8 Sep 1863. Sources: (ISW-I cd p78). KINDBLADE, Gustavus A. IA 4th Inf Co G. Residence: Ringgold County, Iowa. Born in Sweden. Civil War: Age 18. Enlisted 4 Jul 1861. Mustered 15 Aug 1861. Private. Wounded slightly at Vicksburg, Mississippi, on 29 Dec 1862. Re-enlisted and re-mustered on 25 Jan 1864. Mustered out 24 Jul 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. Sources: (ISW-I cd p78). Civil War Database at Vesterheim Norvegian-American Museum.
Source (26) = military/mil-4thIAcw.html KINDBLADE, Gustavas A., Ringgold County, Iowa. Nativity - Sweden. Enlisted at age 19 as a Private on July 4, 1861; mustered into service on August 15, 1861. Wounded slightly at Vicksburg, Mississippi on December. 29, 1862. Re-enlisted and re-mustered into service on January 25, 1864. Mustered out of service on July 24, 1865, Louisville, Kentucky. cwpension1883.html List of Civil War Pensioners Roll of Pensioners 1812-1883, Ringgold County, Iowa January 1, 1883 KINDBLADE, Gustav A., Mount Ayr. Pensioned for gunshot wound to left thumb. Certificate #216,236. Monthly rate $2.00. Original allowance August of 1882.
Source (27) = Social Security Death Index Name; Birth; Death; Last Residence; Last Benefit; SSN; Issued ALMA HUNT; 03 Mar 1899; Feb 1984; 85003 (Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ); (none specified); 509-20-7846; Kansas.
Source (28) = The Carnegie Herald, January 5, 2005 Harry Joe Kindblade Funeral services for Harry Joe Kindblade, 73, of Carnegie will be held Friday, January 7, 2005 at 1:00 p.m. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Anadarko with Pres. Mel Sullivan and Bro. Joe Bailey officiating. Harry was born March 7, 1931, south of Carnegie, to John and Malinda (Base) Kindblade, in the big living room of the Kindblade Ranch house, during a snow storm and died January 2, 2005 in the same home, after a courageous battle with cancer. Harry Joe went to school at West Spring Valley from the 1st through 8th grade. it was a small country school where Harry Joe walked to school or rode his horse. He rode the school bus to Carnegie High School. During high school all he wanted to do was farm, so he bought Hampshire hogs and Hereford cattle while he was in school. He showed his hogs in FFA and in 1949 was awarded Star Farmer of Oklahoma, An Oklahoma Government Achievement Award. He was presented the award by Governor Roy Turner. He attended Oklahoma State University for two years, and was active in Alpha Gamma Rho, the ag fraternity. He then moved back to the ranch where he started a 1000 head sheep herd. In 1952 he was drafted into the United States Army. He sold his sheep herd and entered boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He was in the 43rd Engineers Construction Battalion, and was stationed in Japan during the Korean War. He was released from the Army at Fort Carson, Colorado in 1954. He then returned to the Kindblade Ranch and began farming and ranching with sheep and cattle and built up a nice herd of livestock. He drew a homestead in Idaho. He married Carolyn Joyce Willis on January 13, 1957. They lived in a trailer house at the Kindblade Ranch. They went to Idaho in early summer, 1957, and selected their homestead from 90 available sites. Their first baby Jo Lynn, was born February 28, 1958, and two weeks later they began cleaning the sagebrush and planted their first crop of the Spring of 1958. On October 20, 1959, their second child, Stanley Joe, was born on November 10, 1961, their third child, Mary Luann, was born. The farm has been in continuous irrigated cultivation since 1958. It has produced potatoes, sugar beets, alfalfa hay, wheat, barley, peas and onions. He also started a sheep operation in those early years on the homestead. He and Carolyn were married for 11 years. He was very active as a white water rafting guide in the 70s and has always been an avid big game hunter. He really enjoyed hunting antelope in Wyoming and caribou in Alaska, also pheasants in Idaho. He worked several years in Alaska in the late 80's at one of the largest placer gold mines in North America. He loved to trail ride and has had mules out at his ranch in Oklahoma for the past several years. An avid photographer, he has always taken many photos of what was happening in his life. The Kindblade farm in Idaho is still in the family. The Kindblade Ranch in Oklahoma has been in the family for 102 years. Harry came back to the ranch in 1996. He and the former Linda Streed Bunn were married on November 23, 1998, and have made their home at the ranch since that time. Harry Joe was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in October, 1999. He is survived by his wife, Linda Kindblade of the home; one son, Stanley Joe Kindblade of Carnegie, two daughters, Joe Lynn McKelvey of Rockwall, Texas and Mary Luann Kindblade of Anadarko; two granddaughters, Katelyn Ashton and Nikita Jefferson, Mary Luann's children; one uncle, James Kindblade of Lawton; other relatives and many loving friends. He was preceded in death by his parents; grandparents Harry and Amelia Kindblade and Joseph Peter and Susanna Base. Burial will be in the Carnegie Cemetery under the direction of the Steverson Funeral Home in Anadarko. The family will be at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, January 6 to greet family and friends. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society.
Source (29) = Other members of the family: PAULINE M. KINDBLADE, born 1891, died 1973, buried in Memorial Park Cementary, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. OSCAR R. KINDBLADE, born 1889, died 1905, buried in Yates Center Cemetary, Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas. LENA TODD KINDBLADE, born 2 April 1889, died 9 April 1973, buried at Linn Grove Cemetary, Greeley, Weld County, Colorado. CHARLES E. KINDBLADE, Birth: May 11, 1911 Death: Oct. 28, 1979 PFC US ARMY World War II Burial: Yates Center Cemetery Yates Center Woodson County Kansas, USA Plot: Section 8. BERTHA GRACE KINDBLADE, Birth: 1884 Death: 1915 Wife of W.S. Kindblade Burial: Yates Center Cemetery Yates Center Woodson County Kansas, USA Plot: Section 8.(28) THE OKLAHOMAN (Oklahoma City, OK) 12/16/1928 DEATHS & FUNERALS (Sunday) Fred Elmer Kindblade, 56, 510 E. 9th, died Saturday. Survivors: His wife, three daughters, Misses Mildred, Lorene and Helen Kindblade; his mother, Mrs. C.M. Kindblade, Ft. Cobb, Okla.; two sisters, Mrs. E.C. Horton, Carnegie, Okla., and Mrs. L.B. Carlton, Houston, Texas, and one brother, Harry Kindblade, Oklahoma City. Services will be conducted from the Hahn funeral home Monday at 2 p.m. by Rev. H.M. Woods. Interment in a local cemetery. (Courtesy of Emily Jordan).
Source (30) = Grandma Kindblade Dies. Cinderella Kindblade, 88, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E.C. Horton, southeast of Carnegie Monday. Funeral services were conducted by rev. W.S. Deatherage at the Pitcher funeral home Tuesday afternoon and the body was taken to McPherson, Kans. for burial. Besides Mrs. Horton, Mrs. Kindblade is survived by one other daughter, Mrs. L.B. Carlton of Houston, Texas, and one son, Harry Kindblade of Oklahoma City. The Harry Kindblade family and Mrs. Fred Kindblade and daughters of Oklahoma City attended the funeral. The Carnegie Herald, Wed., Oct. 14, 1931Cinderella M. Soles was born Nov. 4, 1843 near Fort Wayne, Ind. and died at the home of her daughter near Carnegie, Okla. Oct. 6, 1931, aged 87 years, 11 months and 2 days.At the age of 12 she came with her parents to Ringgold county, Iowa, where she grew to womanhood.She was married to John F. Kindblade Dec. 25, 1863. In the spring of 1872 she with her husband and family moved by covered wagon to central Kansas, homesteading a quarter section of raw land three miles west of where the city of McPherson has since been built. After living on this place about seven years they moved to the town of McPherson on account of school advantages for the children, later buying a farm four miles east of McPherson where they lived until the children had all left the old home. Mrs. Kindblade then moved back to McPherson where she lived until about five years ago when she came to Oklahoma to make her home with her children. Mrs. Kindblade united with the Methodist church at about the age of 25, but many years ago took membership in the Christian church at McPherson of which she was a member at the time of her death.She was a member of the W.R.C. and held all the local offices in that organization and had been district patriotic instructor. She took a great interest in all soldiers' organizations,m as many of her men folks were soldiers. Her father, three brothers-in-law and her husband fought for the union in the war of the rebellion. Two grandsons and several grand-nephews were in France during the World War. She was a member of the Rebeccas and of several social clubs in her old Kansas home.Two of Mrs. Kindblade's daughters, Eva and Stella, died in their early teens many years ago. Her husband passed away in 1908 and her youngest son, Frederick E., died three years ago.She is survived by one brother, F.B. Soles of Long Beach, Calif., who is the last of eleven children born to her father and mother, and by one son, Harry Kindblade, of Oklahoma City; two daughters, Mrs. L.B. Carlton of Houston, Texas, and Mrs. E.C. Horton of Carnegie; twelve grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. Short funeral services were held at Pitcher's chapel Tuesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. W.S. Deatherage, after which the remains were taken by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kindblade and Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Horton back to her beloved McPherson, Kansas, where they were met by Mrs. Carlton from Houston, Texas. Funeral services were held in her home town Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 2:30 p.m. conducted by Rev. Roper assisted by the Woman's Relief Corps. Surrounded by many old friends, her body was laid to rest in the family burying plot by the side of her husband and daughters.(28)
Source (31) = The Carnegie Herald E.C. Horton, Long Resident Services were in the First Methodist church at 3 p.m. Friday for E.C. Horton, 90, who died June 14. Rev. D.C. Murphree, of the Alden Presbyterian church, had charge of the services and was assisted by Rev. Brodace Elkins, pastor of the Methodist church, and Rev. Harry O. Hubbard, pastor of the Christian church. Bearers were from among the old time neighbors of the family and included Earl Brewington, Earl Dyer, Harvey McCoy, Ivan Giles, John Nightingale and Blaine Hall. Edwin Carpenter Horton, third son of Thomas A. and Mary Osborn Horton, was born in Goshen, New York, Sept 5, 1859. at about the age of two, he moved with his parents to Chicago and lived there until 1872 when the family moved to Kansas. He grew to manhood on a farm there and attended the county school and the McPherson highschool. At the age of 19 he joined the Congregational church. Later in life he united with the Presbyterian church at Alden. On Dec. 25, 1886 he was united in marriage with Ethel Kindblade. they lived near McPherson, Kansas until 1902, with the exception of two years spent in Kiowa county, Kansas. In March 1902, he brought his family to Caddo county and located seven miles south and three east of Carnegie where he made his home until a year ago. Mr. Horton died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mary Giles, with whom he had made his home the past year. All the family was at his bedside during the final days of his illness. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ethel Horton; a son, f.K. Horton, Carnegie; three daughters, Mrs. Burney Giles and Mrs. Millard Akin, Carnegie; and Mrs. E.L. Dobbins, Purcell, and two sisters, Mrs. Sarah C. Davisson and Mrs. Harvey A. Horton, both of Carnegie. also eleven grandchildren and six great grandson and many other near relatives, survive. A son, Harry Edwin, died at the age of 19 in 1907. Besides his own family, Mr. Horton partially reared and cared for three orphan boys, two of whom survive him, Alfred Hutchinson, Irwin, Calif. and Leonard Elliott, Muleshoe, Texas. He pioneered and helped make homes, schools and churches both in Kansas and Oklahoma. He was for anything he considered good for his community. He served on school boards and was one of the organizers of the Neola school.
Source (32) = The Horton family:

I.1) THOMAS A. HORTON. - Married to MARY OSBORN.They had 3 sons.(31)


II.a) EDWIN CARPENTER HORTON, born 5 September 1859 i Goshen, New York, died 14 June 1950 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma. - Married 25 December 1886 to ETHEL CHRISTINA KINDBLADE, born 2 March 1865 in Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, died 18 August 1963 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma. Lived 1928 in Carnegie, Oklahoma.(28)(29)(30)(31)


III.1) MARY CINDERELLA HORTON, born 5 Januari 1895, died 6 June 1973. - Married to BURNEY MARSHALL GILES, born 16 March 1896, died 5 July 1949.(28)(30)


IV.a) FRANCES NEOLA GILES, born 24 September 1918 in Alden, Caddo County, Oklahoma, died 28 May 2006 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma. Teacher. - Married to WALTER JOHNSON. Their granddaughter is Shara Zimmerman, married to John Zimmerman, and their great-grandson Landon Alexander Zimmerman. Their granddaughter is Stephanie Stallings, married to Ryan Stallings.(28)(30)(33)


V.1) DON JOHNSSON. - Married to MELODEE JOHNSON.(28)(30)(33)

V.2) JUDY JOHNSON. - Married to JAY SPENCE.(28)(30)(33)

IV.b) HORTON WILLIAM GILES, born 26 August 1920 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma, died 4 January 2004 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma. Farmer, rancher. - Married 1940 to HELEN IRENE MURRAY, born 20 August 1922 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma, died 25 November 2009 in Norman, Caddo County, Oklahoma. Daughter of James A. Murray(died 1940).(28)(30)(34)(35)(36)


V.1) GLENN BURNEY GILES, living in Norman. - Married to DONNA GILES.(28)(30)(34)(35)


VI.a) TAMMY GILES. - Married to RAY TRUMBLE. Living in Norman.(28)(30)(34)(35)


VII.1) HARRISON TRUMBLE. Living in Norman.(28)(30)(34)(35)

VII.2) AIDEN TRUMBLE. Living in Norman.(28)(30)(34)(35)

VI.b) AMY GILES. - Married to JOHN CONDON. Living in KEYPORT, New Jersey.(28)(30)(34)(35)


VII.1) EVA CONDON.(28)(30)(34)(35)

VI.c) JASON GILES. Living in Norman. - Married to N.N.(28)(30)(34)(35)


VII.1) SOFIA GILES.(28)(30)(34)(35)

III.2) FREDERICK KINDBLADE HORTON, born 20 January 1897 in McPherson, McPherson County, Kansas, died 26 May 1957 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma. - Married to CLARA JANE HULL, born 21 January 1900, died 31 March 1970.(28)(30)(37)


IV.a) EDWIN WARNER HORTON, born 19 August 1921, died 5 September 2006. - Married 10 December 1940 to VIVIAN ELIZABETH TERRELL, born 23 October 1920 in Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma, died 2 November 2003 in Lawton, Commanche County, Oklahoma. Daughter of Albert Sidney Terrell(1897-1963) and Beatrice Dillard(1897-1996).(28)(30)(37)(38)(39)


V.1) RALPH EDWARD HORTON, born 7 October 1943, died 22 February 1982.(28)(30)(37)(38)(39)

V.2) FRED SYDNEY HORTON. Living in Carnegie.(28)(30)(37)(38)(39)

IV.b) CLARABEL HORTON PERRYMAN. - Married to N.N. PERRYMAN. Living in Kinta.(28)(30)(37)


V.1) LEROY PERRYMAN. Living in Kinta.(28)(30)(37)

V.2) ROBERT PERRYMAN. Living in Kinta.(28)(30)(37)

V.3) JANE PERRYMAN. Living in Kinta.(28)(30)(37)

V.4) DAVID PERRYMAN. Living in Kinta.(28)(30)(37)

IV.c) NORMA LEE HORTON.(28)(30)(37)

III.3) RUTH HORTON, born 20 February 1900, died 27 October 1998. - Married to N.N. DOBBINS.(28)(30)

III.4) ETHEL NEOLA HORTON, born 27 April 1904, died 13 April 1989. - Married to N.N. AKIN.(28)(30)

Source (33) = The Carnegie Herald, May 31, 2006 Frances Johnson The musical conductor of our family's symphony has finally laid down her baton. The rhythm of our lives has been forever changed by the passing of this most loving and generous woman. She joined the heavenly choir on Sunday, May 28, 2006 in Carnegie. Frances was born September 24, 1918 on the family farm in Alden. She was born into a long line of teachers. Her mother, Mary Horton Giles, as well as he grandmother, Ethel Kindblade Horton, were both teachers by profession. Music was an important part of her life from an early age. After graduating from Alden High School, she attended Oklahoma College for Women where she earned a bachelor's degree in music education. Frances began her teaching career in Alfalfa in 1940. After the war, she began teaching at Alden Schools. In 1956, the Carnegie Superintendent asked that she develop an Elementary Music Program. Frances taught in Carnegie Schools for 24 years making a total of 38 years in the teaching profession. She produced numerous musical programs for the school and taught piano after school to many successful students. She was named Teacher of the Year in 1980. After retirement she enjoyed traveling the world with her good friends. She was a long-time member an continued to serve as pianist of the First Christian Church until recently. A life member of the Oklahoma Education Association, Mrs. Johnson was also a member of the Carnegie Association of Classroom Teachers and the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association. In the past, she held the position of President of Kappa Kappa Iota, President of Christian Women's Fellowship, Chairman of the Board of the First Christian Church, as well as President of the Carnegie Mothers Club of which she was a forty-year plus charter member. She was involved in bridge and social clubs, as well as the Christian Women's Fellowship. She served as secretary/treasurer of the Alden Alumni Association. She was a member of the Caddo County Retired Educators Association and was selected to represent Caddo County as one of the Very Important Members honored at the annual State Oklahoma Retired Education Association Convention in May 2004. Frances was able to balance a career and family and was long ahead of her time. Frances was preceded in death by her parents Burney and Mary Giles, and her brother Horton Giles. She is survived by her husband, Walter Johnson; her son, Don Johnson and his wife, Melodee; her daughter, Judy Spence and her husband, Jay; her granddaughter, Shara Zimmerman and her husband, John, as well as her first and special great-grandson, Landon Alexander Zimmerman; her granddaughter, Stephanie Stallings and her husband, Ryan; her sister-in-law, Helen Giles; as well as many beloved cousins, nieces, and nephews. Frances' love of music and education enriched her many student's lives over server generations. Because of you, Mom, the beat goes on... Funeral services for Frances will be held Saturday, June 3 at 2 p.m. in the First Christian Church of Carnegie. Burial will be in the Carnegie Cemetery under the direction of Ray and Martha's Funeral Home of Carnegie.
Source (34) = The Carnegie Herald, Jan. 7, 2004 Horton William Giles Funeral services for Horton William Giles, 83, of Carnegie will be held Wednesday, January 7, 2004 at 10:00 a.m. at the First Baptist Church with Rev. Arthur Blount officiating. Horton was born August 26, 1920 in Carnegie to Burney and Mary (Horton) Giles and died Sunday, January 4, 2004 at his residence in Carnegie. He was united in marriage in 1940 to Helen Murray in Carnegie. He was a veteran of the United States Navy. He was a farmer/rancher in the Caddo County area. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Carnegie. He is survived by his wife, Helen of the home; one son, Glenn Burney Giles and wife, Donna of Norman; three grandchildren, Tammy Trumble and husband, Ray of Norman, Amy Condon and husband, John of Keyport, new Jersey and Jason Giles of Norman; two great grandchildren, Harrison Trumble and Aiden Trumble, bot of Norman; one sister, Frances Johnson of Carnegie. He was preceded in death by his parents. Burial will be in the Carnegie Cemetery under the direction of the Pitcher-Hackney Funeral Home in Carnegie.
Source (35) = The Carnegie Herald, Dec. 2, 2009 Helen Giles Funeral services for Helen Irene Murray Giles, 87, long time Carnegie resident were held 1:00 p.m., Saturday, November 28, 2009 at the First Baptist Church in Carnegie with Rev. Tom Davis officiating. Helen was born August 20, 1922 in Carnegie to James Anthony and Nora Elizabeth (Willis) Murray and died Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at her son's home in Norman after an extended illness. Helen married William Horton Giles in Fort Cobb on September 23, 1940 and he preceded her in death, January 4, 2004. Mrs. Giles was a long time member of the First Baptist church of Carnegie and sang in the Senior Choir. She was known lovingly as "Sugar" by her great grandchildren. Helen will be missed greatly by her family and friends as well as her sidekick Presley. She was preceded in death by her parents, James and Nora Murray; husband, Horton Giles; brothers, Delbert, Elmer and Lawrence Murray; and sisters, Imogene Ragsdale and Gwendola Ernst. Survivors include her son, Glen Burney Giles and wife, Donna of Norman, three grandchildren, Tammy Trumble, Amy Condon and Jason Giles; four great grandchildren, Harrison Trumble, Aiden Trumble, Eva Condon and Sofia Giles; two sisters, Novaline Korhuniak of Yukon and Pauline Case of Yukon. Burial was in the Carnegie Cemetery under the direction of Ray & Martha's Funeral Home of Carnegie.
Source (36) = The Carnegie Herald, Wed., Mar. 6, 1940 J.A. Murray Rites To Be Thursday J.A. Murray, well known farmer living six miles southeast of town and a former resident of the Alfalfa community, died Monday night in the soldier's hospital at Sulphur. He had been in ill health for about three months, having gone to the hospital a month ago. Funeral services will be held at the Alfalfa Baptist church Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock by Rev. G.C. Howard and Rev. T.T. Brown, Carnegie pastors and burial will be made in the Alfalfa cemetery. Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post to which he belonged and of the American Legion will be in charge of the service at the grave when he will be buried with military honors. Murray, who was sent to the Army from Washita county, was a private first-class, Co. "K," 358th Inf., 90th Div. He was gassed on the St. Miheil front September 12, 1918 and never returned to his outfit, being discharged March 29, 1919. He was in the same battalion with Wiley and H. A. Lansford also of this community. Mr. Murray was married to Miss Nora Willis and to them eight children were born. They are Delbert, Helen, Elmer, Pauline, Novaline, Imogene, Lawrence and Guendola, all of the home address. Other survivors include his father, W.L. Murray of Union City; two brothers, Ernest of Union City and Clayton of Shawnee; and four sisters, Mrs. Alice Brazzeal of Minco; Mrs. Gladys Lynch of Kingfisher; Mrs. Winnie Nowlin and Timey Murray of Oklahoma City, besides many other relatives and a host of friends. His mother and a sister preceded him in death. He came to Oklahoma at the age of 18 and has since made his home here. He was converted at the Eschol Valley church where the family attended services.
Source (37) = The Carnegie Herald, Wed., May 29, 1957 Horton Rites Held Here Funeral services were held at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Methodist church for Frederick Kindblade Horton, pioneer resident of Carnegie and community. Rev. A.B. Grubb officiated and interment was in the Carnegie cemetery under the direction of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion. Mr. Horton was stricken with a heart attack a few weeks ago. After remaining in the hospital here he was transferred to the veterans hospital in Oklahoma City. He had been home two weeks when death came suddenly Sunday morning. He was born January 20, 1897, at McPherson, Kansas, the son of Ethel C. Horton and the late Edwin C. Horton. He came to Oklahoma in 1902 with his parents and was reared in the Neola community, southeast of Carnegie. He served in the infantry during World war I. He was in France when the Armistice was signed. He returned home and continued his farming operations with his father. He was married to the former Miss Clara Jane Hull November 11, 1920. They established a home on the farm, seven miles south and one-half east of Carnegie. They moved to their present home in Carnegie in 1943. Mr. Horton served on the Alden school board for many years, was active in the Farmers Union, the A.T.A., the American Legion and the V.F.W., serving as commander of the latter. He was a charter member of the Alden Presbyterian church. Survivors include the wife of the home; one son, Edwin, Carnegie; two daughters, Mrs. Clarabel Horton Perryman of Kinta, and Miss Norma Lee Horton of the home; his mother, Mrs. Ethel C. Horton, Carnegie; three sisters, Mrs. Neola Akin, Carnegie, Mrs. Mary Dunn, Elgin and Mrs. Ruth Dobbin, Purcell; six grandchildren, Ralph and Fred Horton, Carnegie and Leroy, Robert, Jane and David Perryman, Kinta; two aunts, Mrs. Susie Horton, Carnegie and Mrs. Clara Stacy Carlton, Houston; one uncle, Harry Kindblade, Oklahoma City.
Source (38) = The Carnegie Herald, September 13, 2006 Edwin Horton Funeral services for Edwin Horton, 85, of Carnegie were held Friday, September 8, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Carnegie. He was born at Alden on August 19, 1921 the first child of Frederick K. (Dick) and Clara (Hull) Horton and died Tuesday, September 5, 2006 at his home in Carnegie. Two sisters Claribel and Norma Lee completed his family. On December 10, 1940, Edwin married Vivian Terrell at the First Baptist Church in Carnegie. Two sons were born, Ralph Edward Horton and Fred Sydney Horton. Edwin lived his entire life in the Alden and Carnegie communities. He was a graduate of Alden high School. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was a farmer and retired mail carrier. He was a member of the First Methodist Church in Carnegie. He was preceded in death by his parents; his wife, Vivian and oldest son, Ralph Horton. He is survived by one son and his wife, Fred and Jan Horton of Oklahoma City; grandsons, Shane Horton and Blake Horton and wife, Lori, all of Carnegie; daughter-in-law, Jan Doster and husband, Danny of Carnegie; three great grandchildren, Skylar Horton, Kendi Horton and Karissa Riley; and two sisters, Claribel Perryman of Stigler and Norma Lee Prufert of Tennessee; and many extended family and friends. Edwin, Big Ed, Lil Dick and Ed loved to play games, particularly dominoes and won several tournaments. He always enjoyed fishing and many years of camping with family and friends. Memorial may be made to the First United Methodist Church in Carnegie. Burial was in the Carnegie Cemetery under the direction of Ray & Martha's Funeral Home in Carnegie.
Source (39) = The Carnegie Herald, November 5, 2003 Vivian Elizabeth Horton Funeral services for Vivian Elizabeth Horton, 83, of Carnegie were held Tuesday, November 4, 2003 at 2:00 p.m. First United Methodist Church in Carnegie with Rev. Ricky Huggins. Vivian was born October 23, 1920 in Carnegie to Albert Sidney "Jack" and Beatrice (Dillard) Terrell and died Sunday November 2, 2003 at Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton. She lived all her life in the Alden and Carnegie communities. A graduate of Alden High School, she participated in many church and community activities including Mother's Club, Royal Neighbors and United Methodist Church. she married Edwin Warner Horton on December 10, 1940 in Carnegie. She worked at Adam's Drug Store in the 1950 and 1960's. She was a homemaker and possessed a great gift of faith which she shared with family, friends and the community. She will be sorely missed by her family and friends. She is survived by her husband, Edwin of the home; one son, Fred S. Horton and wife, Jan of Oklahoma City; daughter-in-law, Jan Horton Doster and husband, Danny of Carnegie; two grandchildren, Shane Horton and wife, Terri of Oklahoma City and Blake Horton and wife, Lori of Carnegie; five great grandchildren, Skylar Horton, Kendi Horton, Karissa Riley, Nicole Huffman and Casie Huffman; one brother Herman Terrell and wife, Letha of Carnegie; one sister, Nelda Nix of Tulsa and other relatives and many friends. She was preceded in death by her parents and one son, Ralph Horton. Burial was in the Carnegie Cemetery under the direction of the Pitcher-Hackney Funeral Home in Carnegie.
Source (40) = Mrs. B. KINDBLADE Passes Away. One of Kane Co's. Early Settlers. One by one the early settlers of Batavia, are passing away. On Wednesday morning, at 2:17, Jan. 17th, 1894, the spirit of Mrs. Bennett KINDBLADE, departed from this life, after extreme suffering for 16 days, with heart difficulty, - aged 78 years and eight months. Sharlet HOLMBERG was born in the city of Sonn, Sweden, May 21, 1815. She was married to Bennett KINDBLADE in 1846. To this union was born one son, John, who resides in this city. Mr. and Mrs. KINDBLADE were among our early settlers, - sailing across the deep waters and coming to Kane Co. and settling on the Fox River in Oct. 8th, 1853, and have been residents of Geneva for 20 years and Batavia 21 years. Deceased was of a quiet, retired disposition and a good, kind wife and mother. The funeral is private, and will be held Friday afternoon. The remains will be interred in West side Cemetery.

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